Story creation guide

Creating your Exposure story is a simple piece by piece process. Let's get started by going over adding a cover photo and title, adding content, previewing your story and finally, publishing your post. 

Adding a cover photo and title

The first piece to add is your cover photo and the title of the story (sub-title is optional). You can do this by dragging and dropping an image on to the cover area, you can also use the "click to upload" button and use the file picker. We suggest around 2000px wide image for sharpest results. Exposure handles all the resizing of the cover photo for you so no need to upload more than one size.

To replace the cover simply repeat the process. You can change the cover as many times as you like. 

Adding content to your story

You add content to your story via the the fixed bar across the bottom of your screen. This allows you to add 5 different group types of content anywhere in your story as many times as you like.

Drag and drop or click for file picker
The content types based on photos can be added to via dragging and dropping your photos or by simple clicking to get the file picker. Again, Exposure handles all the resizing of the photos for you so no need to upload more than one size.

Content order
When you insert new content it will be added in the space between the two closest groups in your browser window, this allows for free form adding of content across your story. In the event you need to reorder a group simply look for the ⬆️ and ⬇️ arrows in the top right of the group you would like to move and click the direction you want. 

  • Single photo (with optional text)
    This group type allows you to place a single photo into your story and align it left, right or centered. The controls to adjust the alignment are placed in the top left of the group. A helpful group for that editorial feel.
  • Full width (with optional text)
    A full width photo will take up the full available space edge to edge in your browser. Great for landscape photos. (Parallax scrolling is coming soon)
  • Photo set (with optional text)
    A photo set can have up to 9 photos per set and the grid is arranged based on the available space in your browser window. You can adjust this grid by looking for the "Fill Row" option when you hover each photo. 
  • Embed (with optional text)
    The embed group type gives you the ability to embed content from other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) with just a paste of the URL but also gives you the ability to embed your own custom content such as iFrames or CSS. 
  • Text only
    If you want to write with no photo attached then we have you covered here too. You can use the text only group for that. 

Formatting your text and adding links

Formatting and adding links to your Exposure story is as easy as highlighting the text you want to style or link and choosing your desired option from the formatting bar. The bar will automatically appear once you have some text highlighted just like most text editors 

Previewing your story

Once you are done adding your content you can simply hit "Preview" at the top of your screen to see your story just how a visitor would it when it's published. You can preview and edit as many times you like.

Publishing your story

Publishing your story is simple. Your "Publish Story" button is in the top right of your screen. Once you click that you will be asked to confirm you are ready to publish and if you have no privacy options set (password protected etc) your story will be publicly available and appear on your Exposure site. 


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