Enabling Photo Downloads

Exposure members can allow their visitors to download copies of their photos that are uploaded to galleries or stories via the aptly named feature "Photo Downloads." ( Please note: This feature is not enabled by default.)

How are the photos licensed?
By uploading content under the Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives license ("CC BY-ND") you license it for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to you.

Basically: By opting into this license you agree that verbatim copies of your work (no derivatives) may be distributed, displayed and shared as long as you are given credit.  Learn more about CC BY-ND here.

Enabling Photo Downloads in Stories
The toggle to enable Photo Downloads can be found in the Options menu of any Exposure story.

Enabling Photo Downloads in Galleries
The toggle to enable Photo Downloads can be found via the Privacy tab in the Options modal of any Exposure gallery.

Where are the download buttons?
If you enable the photo download feature the download button will appear in the Lightbox of all the photos in that post. With Exposure stories the button is located in the bottom right and in Exposure galleries it's located in the top left.

What do the Photo Download pages look like for visitors?
When a visitor wants to download one of your photos they are first shown an agreement that they will not modify your photo and credit you when displayed anywhere (if they do not accept this agreement they can't download the photo.) Once the agreement has been accepted, the visitor is shown the download page and the sizes available to download. Exposure gives automatically generated options of small, medium, large sizes, as well as the original upload. The system will not upscale your photo, only downsize. 
An example Photo Download page.

We hope you enjoy Photo Downloads! If you have any questions please email  support@exposure.co.

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