Adding your story to the Community Categories

To add your story to one of our community categories, while you're in any one of your stories, make sure you're in edit mode. You can enter edit mode by clicking the Edit Story button at the top right-hand corner of the page. Then, click Manage Categories. Click into the Community Categories tab and you'll be able to toggle on up to three categories for your story. When you're done, hit the blue Save and Finish button. To remove your story from a category, do the same thing — un-toggle the green toggle and hit Save and Finish. It's that easy.

What are Community Categories?

Community Categories are categories which are part of the larger Exposure publishing network. When your story is added to one of our community categories, it will appear on the respective community category page, as well as in rotation on our community categories landing. It's an amazing way to get that extra bit of, well, exposure!

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