Help! People can download my photos.

Exposure takes protecting your personal data — including your original photography — very seriously. We make every effort to ensure that it is very difficult to download original copies of photos you upload into your stories. However, due to the nature of the web, it's simply not possible to 100% prevent someone's ability to download photos if they really wanted to. The only way to truly prevent someone from downloading your photography is, unfortunately, to not put it online. (Of course, you could also upload low(er) resolution photos, but then they wouldn't look very good to your visitors.)

As mentioned, we use various tactics to make it difficult to easily download photos, but if you're very concerned about this, something that many folks do is to add watermarks, so that if someone did download something, it would have a watermark on it with your name (and ideally, Exposure URL). You could also limit the size of your uploads to around 1000px, give or take, so that the photos would look great on screen, but print poorly.

Also, folks often ask why we don't disable things like right-clicking or the Save As... feature of the browser. The simple answer is that e.g. with right clicking, it just doesn't really prevent downloading images — it only makes it harder. (And Save As... is a browser-level feature anyway that we wouldn't have control over anyway.)

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