What is the "Call To Action" post option?

If you are an  Exposure For Business subscriber or a registered non-profit account, you have access to enable the "Call To Action" button. This gives authors the ability to place a button at the bottom of their story that they can use to drive traffic to a specific URL. An example button can be seen at the bottom of this story by Watsi.

With the Call To Action button, you have the following options:

  • Show Call To Action - Toggle the visibility of the button on the specific story you are editing
  • Button Label - Choose what text will be displayed on the button. For example, "Donate now"
  • Button Color - You can use a hex color value to change the color of the button to any color you like
  • Button URL - This option will link the button to the URL you desire. Please make sure to include http:// before your URL to ensure it links correctly

An example of the Call To Action button in use.  See for yourself

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