How to set up Disqus comments

To set up comments on Exposure using Disqus, you'll first need an account. Don’t have one? Sign up for your free one here. 

Within Disqus, you'll need to set up a "website" which gives you a "shortname" - this is different than just your Disqus username, which you may be using to comment on things around the internet, etc. 

To add Disqus to your site (in this case, Exposure), visit and fill out the details for your site profile. 

Add your Exposure URL and custom domain name (if you have one) to trusted domains

Under "Site Identity" you will find what your "shortname" is. This is what you'll be inputting on Exposure.

To enable comments, visit and simply enter your Disqus shortname and click save. That’s it! Comments will now be viewable on your story

You can choose to hide comments on a post-by-post basis by navigating to post options and toggling “Show Disqus Comments” 

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