Setting up a custom domain

Premium users can use their own domain to display their Exposure profile and posts. Here’s an example:

To enable a custom domain for your account, follow the steps below. If you get stuck, don’t worry; we’re  just an email away.

  1. Register the domain you’d like to use. We recommend Gandi or iwantmyname.
  2. For subdomains (e.g. or, you’ll need to add a CNAME record and point it to: (root domains [e.g.] are not currently supported natively, but you can add an A record pointed to to have your root domain redirected to
  3. Enter your domain name in the Custom Domain field on the Preferences page and hit Save. (Just the domain, though, e.g. and not
  4. That’s it! Once DNS propagates, you should be able to load your Exposure profile at whatever domain you just entered.
Signing in
You’ll still sign in on Exposure's main site:
Editing posts & settings

You’ll still manage your user account, plus create, edit, and delete posts from (this is because of the way our post editor currently works.) To manage your posts and user account, head to

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