Can I get more detailed statistics?

Yes!  Become a subscriber to get immediate access to advanced statistics.

We love stats. They’re how we know people are seeing and enjoying our stories. That’s why we recently added view and enjoy counts to stories for all members. Have you seen yours yet? Just check your Profile page.

But we wanted to do more for our paying subscribers. So we thought about the kinds of information that we’d want for our own stories, and we came up with Statistics for Subscribers.

On the new Statistics page, you can see a graph of all the traffic to your profile and stories over time. You can also see the top referral links to your pages, so you can figure out where people are coming from. And you can see how many views and enjoys all your stores have in one place.

The page shows your top ten stories sorted by hotness, which is a secret recipe we developed to find out what was hot on Exposure. Hotness takes views, enjoys, and time into account. Of course, if you’d prefer to sort your stories by views or enjoys, you can do that, too. Each story will show the top referral links to it, as well as a badge if it’s been featured.

This Statistics page is available only to our paying subscribers. To get your advanced stats, subscribe today for as little as $5/month.

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